Ekaterina Zwyssig (Filippova), eKat Communication


Here's what other Coaches / Consultants had to say about the Marketing Mornings with Kat

I was impressed you went to such length to collect & synthesize feedback from various sources regarding my question.

I enjoyed very much the opportunity to speak with somebody from the industry and profession I enquired about. It was not only helpful but also very stimulating.

The format of such meeting is very attractive!
Lucyna Milanowska
Psychologist, Certified RTT Therapist
What I appreciated most about the Marketing Morning is the insightful and rich conversation among the participants.

The group size (5 people) allowed us to share and contribute to each other's topic meaningfully. We all had similarities in our businesses that made it easy and valuable to exchange struggles and experiences.

The value we were able to get out of it was exceptionally high.
Zsanett Czifrus
Life and Business Coach
The open discussion in a small group which created a safe space for everyone. The smaller group made it easy to share with each other.

Also I very much appreciated Kat's approach of giving value without pushing any sales or pretending you have the ultimate blueprint that solves all our challenges. Made it very authentic and likeable.

I am happy to recommend your Marketing Mornings because they do give good value. Thanks again!
Leadership & Business Success Coach