Ekaterina Zwyssig (Filippova), eKat Communication

[Hands-on workshop] "Grow your business more intentionally"

Using a proven 4-step framework to reduce overwhelm, improve clarity and focus

For Coaches, Consultants, Therapists and Trainers committed to growing their business, on their terms – in a structured and authentic way.


  • Guided 4-hour workshop in a small group to enable sharing of experiences and different perspectives
  • Your own workbook with questions to do planning in
  • Group size: max 6 participants

“Thanks – you’ve given me the confidence to tackle some of my biggest challenges” 

“You helped me address my need directly: I feel focused and no longer stressed about marketing!”

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Coaches, Consultants, Therapists and Trainers who are:

  • looking for guidance to prioritise their marketing activities to avoid overwhelm 
  • striving to be more intentional about marketing their business in 2024
  • looking to make time for reflection and planning, in a friendly and safe environment  
"I worked with Kat when I attended the virtual Hand on Planning workshop earlier in the year. This was a really helpful session and I very much appreciated the time and the space to reflect on 2022 and my goals and aspirations for 2023.

This was a well-structured, highly interactive format which challenged my assumptions, allowed me to make goals and commitments and has ultimately provided me with an actionable plan which I am fully bought into for marketing my business through 2023 and beyond. If this is the support you are looking for, don’t hesitate to sign up!"
Sally Leese
Coach I Facilitator I Consultant I Resilience [WRAW] Master practitioner
"This workshop was so helpful, and I wasn't expecting to make amazing new contacts and connections along the way! Thanks - you've given me the confidence to tackle some of my biggest challenges.

You helped me address my need directly: I feel focused and no longer stressed abour marketing!"

David Robertson
Online Workshopper | Design Facilitator | Collaboration Coach
"I participated to Kat's Intentional Self-marketing workshop. What I liked was the hands-on Planning. There are A LOT of resources online, and sitting down and answering pragmatic questions with my own goals and inputs was helpful.

Kat was coaching and challenging us in an efficient manner, no time wasted on speculation, only pragmatic examples and established techniques. It gave me clarity on What I want to achieve, How and with Whom. Thanks Kat and talk soon as I know that we'll work together again in the future 🙂 "
Laurence Kozera (Foucault)
Chief Executive Officer I Honest conversation advocate I Ex-Google

Tangible outcomes

Intangible outcomes

In addition, you’ll also get





250 CHF (includes 4-hour guided workshop, your personal workbook, personalised Q&A)


  1. Click ‘Join the waitlist’ to express interest
  2. Once there is a minimum of 4 participants, the workshop will go ahead
  3. We will find a workshop date that works for everyone

Practical and interactive workshops valued by Coaches and Consultants

Over 90% of surveyed participants find Kat’s workshops insightful and comprehensive and would recommend them
to other Coaches or Consultants.

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How likely are you to recommend the 4-hour planning workshop to other Coaches or Consultants?



What Coaches and Trainers share about working with Kat

"After attending some of Kat's Marketing Mornings, I was inspired to join her Hands-On Planning Workshop. What a fantastic way to kick-off the New Year. No unrealistic idealism, just solid marketing facts and best practices, delivered in a way that did not result in any overwhelm, but left me feeling empowered.

So empowered in fact that I wisely elected to pause my marketing, to handle an unusually busy Q1. Kat managed to make me feel more empowered for doing so. Kat's authentic style and wealth of knowledge has earned her my trust and I will continue to turn to Kat for my development as a coach and consultant. Bring on Q2!"
Heather Cribbin
High Performance Coach | Mental Performance for Athletes and Executives
"I attended a hands-on Planning workshop by Ekaterina and appreciated a great session structure, her input and facilitation. We also had a fruitful exchange with other participants and it gave me the sense of reassurance and support.

I would recommend Ekaterina to anyone trying to find their way through the vortex of social media and marketing their own coaching or consulting business."
Tatiana Matveeva
COO & Lead Facilitator at Performant Group SA, ICF ACC

About the host

Ekaterina Zwyssig works with Consultants, Coaches, Therapists and Trainers who want to take their business to the next level, whatever that means to them.

She helps them focus on what’s essential – and nothing else – to reach their goals. She provides clarity and structure to create a marketing strategy specific to their particular business, situation and suitable for their personality.

Since starting her business in 2016, Ekaterina has trained over 200 small business owners on the topics of online visibility, social media and digital marketing.