Ekaterina Zwyssig (Filippova), eKat Communication

Work with me

I work with Coaches, Consultants, Therapists and Trainers who:

  1. need to pivot due to changed circumstances but don’t know where to start and how to go about it. They want to save time, use a proven and structured method instead of doing trial and error on their own. 
  2. want to scale their business (e.g from 1:1 work to group / from B2C to B2B / from relying on their network for referrals to attracting a wider audience). They don’t want to waste time acquiring all the necessary marketing knowledge themselves and want to get better results faster by tapping into the marketing expertise of a professional.
  3. are tired of the ‘feast and famine’ cycles of business and want to create a reliable and structured marketing process that will help them attract clients more consistently and earn more predictably.

Here are the formats in which I can help you:

1:1 Coaching / Consulting

If you are looking for personalised marketing advice, ideas and feedback, then my 1:1 signature programme is for you:

‘Uplevel Your Business’ 1:1 marketing strategy

3-month Group Programme

If you are looking for expert marketing support in combination with peer insights and accountability, then my group programme would suit you best:

3-month group programme ‘Uplevel Your Business in Good Company’


If you are looking for supportive peer community, access to practical marketing advice but don’t need the structure of a group programme, then you are welcome to join:

‘Kat’s tribe’ Group coaching & mastermind community


If you want to make quick headway in mastering LinkedIn or better planning your marketing activities, I regularly host hands-on workshops:

2-hour workshop ‘3 steps to attracting the right clients on LinkedIn’

4-hour workshop ‘Grow your business more intentionally’

Looking at the options and not sure which one is right for you?

Set up a discovery call with me and we’ll figure out together how to help you reach your goals most effectively!

What my happy clients say

“I came to Kat with the following question: How do I position myself in the consulting market?

What I appreciated the most about working with Kat - no "bullshit": high density of content, very efficient, very clear, very well constructed. Logical sequence of tasks.

The perfect coach: responsibility is with the client but Kat gives tools and also a little time pressure. She drives her clients to good results.

Compensation & Benefits Consultant | Ex-Swisscom

“I was looking for clarity and simplification of my service offerings and an easy marketing strategy that would feel aligned with how I like to show up and that’s what brought me to Kat.

Her expertise was exactly what I was looking for and I loved her energy - it was a great fit.

I appreciated Kat’s authenticity and her ability to simplify the marketing process. I now have a master marketing document that will help guide all my marketing actions going forward.”

Lisa Broome
Founder | Mindset Coach | Chartered Professional Accountant

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