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Digital Marketing Partner For Consultants, Coaches and Trainers

I help you put a system in place that consistently attracts new clients without the overwhelm, in a structured and authentic way.

EKATERINA FILIPPOVA - Photo by Zori Art (https://zoriart.com)

I work with Consultants offering people-centric services to multinationals in Switzerland who are overwhelmed with all the things they need to do in their marketing.

While their business is going well, they want to avoid the ‘feast and famine’ pattern. They know that doing some marketing regularly is important for consistently bringing in new projects.

Having worked directly with many consultants since 2016, I have realised that most of them have 3 main challenges when it comes to digital marketing:

—> They don’t have a clear strategy how to do digital marketing more intentionally and without the overwhelm.

—> They don’t know which activities to focus on to make the most impact for their specific business.

—> They lack time, knowledge and desire to do it all themselves.

Here is where I come in.

As their trusted digital marketing partner, I help them put a system in place that consistently attracts new clients without the overwhelm, in a structured and authentic way.

Work with me

While your business is going well, you know that doing some marketing regularly is important for consistently bringing in new projects. However, you are so busy with client work that you only do sporadic activities to promote your business, which feels ineffective and frustrating.

You want to provide value with your marketing but you don’t have a clear strategy how to do it more intentionally and without the overwhelm.

You’ve gotten tired of doing it all yourself and are now ready to get help with your digital marketing efforts to make more impact and attract new clients.

Here’s where I come in.

As a digital marketing partner for successful consultants, coaches and trainers, I help them put a system in place that consistently attracts new clients without the overwhelm, in a structured and authentic way.

My services are for you if:​​

  • You need help to figure out the right digital marketing activities to focus on that would make the most impact for your specific business.
  • You want to have a long-term digital marketing partner who cares about the success of your business.
  • You want someone to take some marketing activities off your plate to save you time and mental energy.
EKATERINA FILIPPOVA - Photo by Zori Art (https://zoriart.com)
"Kat has a very structured approach that helps you to tackle your goal step by step and move ahead steadily.

In Kat I found more than consultant, in Kat I found a partner that challenged me with care and made me grow.

I highly recommend all those entrepreneurs that want to boost their business to get in touch with her at the soonest"
Davide Costella
Communication Coach (davidecostella.com)
“After the first 2 years in business, we were looking for support with refocusing our offerings and creating the right descriptions to attract the right clients.

We feel very positive about the end product and excited to update our website and social media content to align with what we've created together.

We now have 2 well-thought-out and clear offerings, which will help with our marketing efforts in the coming months and years.”
Jason Rempel ekat communication testimonial
Jason Rempel
RS Consulting & Coaching GmbH
“I feel great about what we accomplished. I have found you and your process to be professional, productive, efficient, relaxed and containing. I appreciate very much your attention to detail.

Part of your value is taking the time to understand your individual client's needs and adapt accordingly. Indeed the clarity and structure in our thinking is tops for me.”

Chris Nassivera ekat communication testimonial
Chris Nassivera
Leadership & Career Coach, Organizational Consultant, Ex P&G

'Predictable Stream of Clients' Framework

The 5-step ‘Predictable Stream of Clients’ Framework I have developed helps to structure and focus your digital marketing.

My clients go from being overwhelmed, frustrated and with little time to having a strategy that helps them simplify and focus their digital marketing efforts, with the aim of attracting new clients.

The ‘Predictable Stream of Clients’ Framework focuses on 5 steps that build on each other:

For each step, I provide checklists, templates, marketing materials and resources to help you stay focused on the most impactful marketing activities and be successful with attracting the right clients.

Interested to know more?

"Kat is an experienced professional who takes initiatives and can be very creative with ideas. She is efficient and reliable and strategic in her approach. Her interest and understanding of our business needs is great.

She has also given us good advice on customer relationships and understands the social media market so well. I would highly recommend her."
Natalie Boudou
Managing partner - PEPIT Consulting
"Kat has helped me see how I can be more strategic and have more impact with my different online marketing activities.

After analyzing my current activities, she gave clear recommendations and hands-on advice on how to prioritize and streamline my digital marketing activities.

I especially appreciate Kat’s expertise, professionalism and pragmatism.

Kat was always very responsive whenever I had questions and she was also helpful in recommending the best online tools to work with."
Maria Wilhelmsson
Executive Presence, Voice & Public Speaking Coach - Founder & Director, VoxImpact

Not sure which area of marketing you need to address as a priority?

Take the 5-minute self-assessment below and answer 20 Yes/No questions to discover which areas you need to focus on in your marketing to get predictable new business.

It literally takes 5 minutes to get clarity about what you need to address in your marketing and most importantly, how to create a predictable stream of clients.


Feedback from others who have taken the self-assessment:​

"I absolutely LOVED taking your self-assessment. It's not just about the results. The way you asked the questions gave me insights and practical ideas into the areas where I need to focus on (some immediately) and the actions I could take. Awareness and insights are key to taking the right decisions in marketing (and business in general) and your assessment is doing just that!"
Ioana Hardy
The Impacters Group
"I highly recommend this test, you get lots of insights from it and it's quick and easy to do."
Corinne Mauzac
F&J Agile Solutions
"Thank you for sharing your diagnostic survey with me, it was very helpful to be shown how much in distress my marketing was 😀 I loved the clear distinction between the four categories and the clarity around what is needed in each to have an efficient marketing strategy."
Daniela Rusu
Quantum Leader
"I just tried out your self-assessment and I really liked it! Appreciated the flow of the questions, from the offering to sales to marketing to processes and systems. The results and recommendation really made sense and are clear and concise."
Maria Wilhelmsson
Vox Impact

Marketing Mornings
with Kat


Ask your marketing questions and get no-nonsense, pragmatic and strategic answers relevant to your specific business.

“How can I organise my marketing better to avoid overwhelm?”

“How can I stand out from the other consultants and coaches in my field?”

“What can I do to reach potential clients in multinationals more effectively?”

August 23, September 13 & 27 at 9:00 CET | on Zoom

About Me

My name is Ekaterina Filippova, or Kat for short. Originally Russian, I have called Switzerland my home since 2003. I live close to Lake Geneva, the most beautiful place in this country (I am completely objective about it, of course!).

After living here for so long, I have developed into a curious blend of Russian-ness, Swiss-ness and a bit of expat influence thrown on the side. I can still cook a killer borsch but I get frustrated if the train is late by 5 minutes and enjoy speaking mostly English in a professional setting.

When I am not working with my clients on their digital marketing strategy and activities, I am teaching social and digital media at the undergraduate and graduate level in Geneva. I love sharing my knowledge of digital media use by organisations and enjoy the insights and cool trends that my students share with me in return.

I’d be happy to hear from you if you’d like to explore working together. Let’s have a chat!

Top photo by Jane del Pozo (https://www.janedelpozophotography.fr)