Ekaterina Filippova, eKat Communication

Ekaterina Filippova (eKat Communication)
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Digital Marketing Partner

For consultants, coaches and trainers

I work with Consultants, Trainers and Coaches offering people-centric services to multinationals in Switzerland who are struggling with all the things they need to do in their marketing to attract more clients.

Having worked directly with lots of consultants since 2016, I have realised that most of them have 3 main challenges:

-> They feel OVERWHELMED with everything they need to do to attract new clients with their digital marketing

-> They feel lost and don’t know what to focus on for maximum impact.

-> They lack time and knowledge to do it all themselves.

'Predictable Stream of Clients' Framework

I have developed the ‘Predictable Stream of Clients’ Framework that helps them address these challenges.  

My clients go from being overwhelmed, frustrated and with little time to having a strategy that helps them simplify and focus their digital marketing efforts, with the aim of attracting new clients.

The Framework provides a bigger picture that allows my clients to see where they need to go with their marketing and track their progress over time.

The ‘Predictable Stream of Clients’ Framework focuses on 3 pillars that build on each other:


Each pillar features checklists, templates, marketing and sales materials and resources to help you stay focused on the marketing essentials and be successful with attracting the right clients.


My Services

Content planning, creation & publishing (email, website, LinkedIn)
CRM setup and training
Website content & layout optimisation for better conversions
Promotional campaign development
Other content creation support e.g. e-books, white papers etc

What my clients say about working with me

Kat has helped me see how I can be more strategic and have more impact with my different online marketing activities. After analyzing my current activities, she gave clear recommendations and hands-on advice on how to prioritize and streamline my digital marketing activities. I especially appreciate Kat’s expertise, professionalism and pragmatism. Kat was always very responsive whenever I had questions and she was also helpful in recommending the best online tools to work with.


Maria Wilhelmsson

Executive Presence, Voice & Public Speaking Coach - Founder & Director, VoxImpact

Kat is an experienced professional who takes initiatives and can be very creative with ideas. She is efficient and reliable and strategic in her approach. Her interest and understanding of our business needs is great. She has also given us good advice on customer relationships and understands the social media market so well. I would highly recommend her.


Natalie Boudou

Managing Partner - PEPIT Consulting

Kat has a very structured approach that helps you to tackle your goal step by step and move ahead steadily. In Kat I found more than consultant, in Kat I found a partner that challenged me with care and made me grow. I highly recommend all those entrepreneurs that want to boost their business to get in touch with her at the soonest.


Davide Costella

Communication Coach (davidecostella.com)

About Me

My name is Ekaterina Filippova, or Kat for short. Originally Russian, I have called Switzerland my home since 2003. I live close to Lake Geneva, the most beautiful place in this country (I am completely objective about it, of course!).

After living here for so long, I have developed into a curious blend of Russian-ness, Swiss-ness and a bit of expat influence thrown on the side. I can still cook a killer borsch but I get frustrated if the train is late by 5 minutes and enjoy speaking mostly English in a professional setting.

When I am not working with my clients on their digital marketing strategy and activities, I am teaching social and digital media at the undergraduate and graduate level in Geneva. I love sharing my knowledge of digital media use by organisations and enjoy the insights and cool trends that my students share with me in return.

I’d be happy to hear from you if you’d like to explore working together. Let’s have a chat!

Top photo by Jane del Pozo (https://www.janedelpozophotography.fr)