Ekaterina Zwyssig (Filippova), eKat Communication

Useful resources

  • Been meaning to update your website for months (ahem, years) but don’t know how to best structure your content?
  • Stuck for ideas for LinkedIn posts that would speak to your ideal clients?
  • Just starting out and not sure how to present yourself on your website and LinkedIn in the most effective way to attract clients?

Grab my most popular (and free) resources below to help you get unstuck with your website creation/update and LinkedIn presence.

I have developed these resources for my clients (Consultants, Coaches, Therapists and Trainers) to remove the overwhelm associated with improving their online presence and positioning themselves as the go-to experts in their field.

Here’s what they appreciated about these documents:

“Templates – tried, tested and ready to use”
“Website template is a killer ;)”
“We loved the tangible assets (templates for website, interviews, etc)”

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