Ekaterina Zwyssig (Filippova), eKat Communication

‘Uplevel Your Business’
Marketing Strategy Offer​

Ekaterina Filippova (eKat Communication)

Who This Is For

Consultants, Coaches, Therapists and Trainers who want to get their business to the next level, whatever that means to them e.g offering a new online programme / serving new types of clients / creating a digital funnel / mastering LinkedIn etc:

I help them focus on what’s essential – and nothing else – to reach their goals. I provide clarity and structure to create a marketing strategy specific to their particular business, situation and suitable for their personality.

“I feel great about what we accomplished. I have found you and your process to be professional, productive, efficient, relaxed and containing. I appreciate very much your attention to detail.

Part of your value is taking the time to understand your individual client's needs and adapt accordingly.

Indeed the clarity and structure in our thinking is tops for me.
Chris Nassivera ekat communication testimonial
Chris Nassivera
Leadership & Career Coach |
Organizational Consultant | Ex P&G

Offer Benefits / Value:

1. Create the right marketing strategy for your business 
2. Get consistent professional support throughout the project
3. Know how to attract the right clients
4. Have a clear basis and step-by-step process for all future marketing activities

What my clients say

“After the first 2 years in business, we were looking for support with refocusing our offerings and creating the right descriptions to attract the right clients.

We feel very positive about the end product and excited to update our website and social media content to align with what we've created together.

We now have 2 well-thought-out and clear offerings, which will help with our marketing efforts in the coming months and years.

Thank you Kat for all of your support, guidance and great content throughout our collaboration. It has been a pleasure working with you, and I look forward to the chance to work together again.”

Jason Rempel ekat communication testimonial
Jason Rempel
RS Consulting & Coaching GmbH

Done-Together-With-You offer using my 5-step “Uplevel Your Business” framework to reach your objectives:

1. Get laser-focused on your IDEAL CLIENTS

Clarity of who your ideal clients are, what is important to them & what they need from you


Clarity of your unique voice & approach to content creation, ways to show up authentically and professionally online

3. Optimise your OFFER / SERVICES

Clarity of your offer ecosystem that aligns with your ideal clients’ needs and makes it easier for you to market and sell what you do


Clarity of what your customer journey looks like and what you need to do to attract, nurture and convert new clients, step by step

5. Set up

Clarity of the resources, processes, habits and tools needed to implement your strategy

For each step, I provide relevant examples, checklists, templates and marketing materials to simplify the process of co-creation of your marketing strategy and help you stay focused and structured in your reflection.


Define your marketing strategy and get focused and organised in your marketing activities.


Strategy document detailing (focus will depend on your specific needs):


Clarity of marketing strategy and steps necessary to execute it, more structured and professional approach to marketing and content.

What my other clients say

Super practical, incredibly personalized, and so much more than I expected.

Once I started working with Kat, I realized that I was more lost in my marketing than I initially thought.

Now that we have finished working together, I feel that I have:
1) Marketing strategy that I didn't have before;
2) Way more clarity on where should I focus,
3) Tried and tested solutions (website template is a killer;)

I am not overwhelmed anymore by million things I could or should be doing.

Clarity and focus - priceless :)”

Lucyna Milanowska​
Psychologist | Certified RTT Therapist I Global HR Talent & Development Director

“We felt lost how to start, how to position ourselves in the marketplace. We did not know how to distinguish ourselves from the crowd.

From the start, Kat understood our needs, directing us with her targeted questions and framed our strategy.

She formed a concrete action plan with timelines to meet. It was a true pleasure to work with her and see the results immediately.

Hulya Kurt
Forward Action Coach - Noble Manhattan Coaching

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