Ekaterina Zwyssig (Filippova), eKat Communication

TOPIC: "End the year on a high"

10 & 31 October | 9:00 CET

Me, myself and I…
Do you also hesitate to ask for help?

I used to get exhausted from having to make all the business decisions myself. It’s the blessing and the curse of being self-employed.

Sometimes I wished somebody would just tell me: “Kat, there is no need to suffer in silence, let’s decide on the best way forward together.”

But I didn’t ask for help as I thought I was supposed to figure it all out myself.

I felt like I would be a failure because I didn’t have all the answers.

I wasted my time, got frustrated and at times came up with rather average solutions because the only consultants I had were just me, myself and I.

Then I realised just how silly and unproductive that was.

Just because I work alone,
doesn’t mean I am alone.


So now whenever I struggle with an issue that is not my core competency, I look for expert help.

This new approach has saved me a lot of time, frustration and money. And more importantly, has provided far better results.

Here’s a recent example. I have always had a mental block when it comes to writing and have been putting off implementing email marketing for my business for months (okay, years!).

To finally beat my procrastination, I enrolled in an email writing course that is giving me the structure, focus and feedback that I need to get started.

Just because we are self-employed, we don’t have to do it all ourselves.

There are times when we are so close to our problems, we can't see the forest for the trees.

This is why I have started my

so that you could ask questions related to marketing your Consultant or Coaching business.

Marketing Mornings happen monthly on Tuesdays – scroll below for the next dates. 👇 

Highly-valued marketing advice by Coaches and Consultants

Over 90% of participants find marketing Mornings very valuable and would recommend it to other Coaches or Consultants.

How valuable did you find the Marketing Morning 



How likely are you to recommend it to other Coaches or Consultants?



Upcoming Marketing Mornings

💬 “What should I focus on in my business for most impact & least overwhelm?”
💬 “How to avoid spending too much time on social media / marketing my business?”
💬 “How to choose the right set of marketing tools for my Coaching / Consulting business?”

Don’t stay stuck and alone trying to figure out the best course of action in your marketing.

Jump on the opportunity to get no-nonsense, no BS marketing advice. No annoying sales pitches, just relevant answers to your marketing questions.

TOPIC: "End the year on a high"

10 & 31 October | 9:00 CET

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How this works

I will answer 1-2 marketing questions per session.

4 more seats are available for observers who do not have a specific question but want to learn from others in a similar situation.

The sessions will be very interactive including mini-exercises and group discussions. All participants will be able to immediately apply the learnings to their own business.


  • Consultants, Coaches and Trainers who are serious about growing their business
  • Who have a specific marketing question or
  • Who often feel lonely in their business and want to hear what other Consultants and Coaches do in similar situations
I was impressed you went to such length to collect & synthesize feedback from various sources regarding my question.

I enjoyed very much the opportunity to speak with somebody from the industry and profession I enquired about. It was not only helpful but also very stimulating.

The format of such meeting is very attractive!
Lucyna Milanowska
Psychologist, Certified RTT Therapist
What I appreciated most about the Marketing Morning is the insightful and rich conversation among the participants.

The group size (5 people) allowed us to share and contribute to each other's topic meaningfully. We all had similarities in our businesses that made it easy and valuable to exchange struggles and experiences.

The value we were able to get out of it was exceptionally high
Zsanett Czifrus
Life and Business Coach
The open discussion in a small group which created a safe space for everyone. The smaller group made it easy to share with each other.

Also I very much appreciated Kat's approach of giving value without pushing any sales or pretending you have the ultimate blueprint that solves all our challenges. Made it very authentic and likeable.

I am happy to recommend your Marketing Mornings because they do give good value. Thanks again!
Leadership & Business Success Coach

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Marketing Mornings
with Kat

TOPIC: "End the year on a high"

10 & 31 October | 9:00 CET


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  • Indicate whether you have a question or will come as an observer
  • Come to the session and participate

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About the host

Ekaterina Zwyssig works with Consultants, Coaches, Therapists and Trainers who want to take their business to the next level, whatever that means to them.

She helps them focus on what’s essential – and nothing else – to reach their goals. She provides clarity and structure to create a marketing strategy specific to their particular business, situation and suitable for their personality.

Since starting her business in 2016, Ekaterina has trained over 250 small business owners on the topics of online visibility, social media and digital marketing.

Kat’s facilitation is interactive and definitely what all of us were hoping to get. It went beyond my expectations.

The shared customer journey mind-mapping and its valuable content were an epiphany: I could measure the distance between my reality and where I want to go 🙂
Marie Helene Maurette
Strategy & Development Facilitator - Talents Amplifier
I enjoyed the Marketing Morning session with Kat enormously. She is very knowledgeable and described very clearly what the different journeys with clients may look like.

Kat showed us the different steps that are mandatory in each client engagement journey and offered custom tips and resources that helped establish a path to shine in my business.

I also enjoyed her sense of community and I am already very proud to be part of hers. This is just the beginning!
Arantxa Cedillo
Founder at Arctype
I appreciated this opportunity for exchange and the very practical advice and knowledge offered so generously. I came away from the chat inspired and full of ideas.

​​I can fully recommend Marketing Mornings with Kat! Great interaction and space to try out your ideas!
Renée van der Burg
Leadership & Career Consultant | Resilience Coach

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Marketing Mornings
with Kat

TOPIC: "End the year on a high"

10 & 31 October | 9:00 CET

  • Ask your marketing questions and get no-nonsense, pragmatic and strategic answers relevant to your specific business.
  • Choose the next available Marketing Morning date via Calendly.

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